About MSMS, Inc.

The Start

In 1980, J. Pat Evans, MD (Team Physician, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks) and Don Andrews (Executive Director, Mobile Sports Medicine Systems) decided they would be the first to provide traveling medical support services to professional rodeo athletes. This innovative new sports medicine system linked a network of selected orthopedists, trauma specialists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, as well as hospitals and clinics around the nation to provide comprehensive medical coverage to the professional rodeo contestant. From the back of a pickup truck at 10 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) sanctioned rodeos, approximately 775 contestants were treated that first year.

The World of Rodeo

Ask to provide medical services to a major rodeo event for Walt Garrison, rodeo cowboy and Dallas Cowboy, the concept of mobile sports medicine was born during this intense competition . Since 1980 Mobile Sports Medicine Systems has provided health care services at over 3,300 PRCA, PBR, CBR and Toughest Cowboy events, while treating some 135,000 rodeo and bull riding related injuries and illnesses to participants. 

The World of Motorsports

In 1984 Mobile Sports Medicine Systems, working with 3-time Indianapolis 500 Winner and bareback bronc rider Johnny Rutherford from Fort Worth, Texas, brought mobile sports medicine to the high horsepower world of motor racing. MSMS has provided specialized medical services to the elite sanctioning organizations in motor racing including Formula One, CART, NASCAR, IndyCar, the Champ Car World Series and the American Le Mans Series.

The World of Pro Ski Racing

The US Pro Ski Tour is a unique format of head-to-head alpine racing (then you swap courses) which features the technical events of Slalom and Giant Slalom with multiple runs as you advance to the finals of each event.

The Finish

The athletes know the value of the program and utilize the facilities and services of the experienced sports medicine staff when they are in need of specialized medical treatment. Rodeo,  motor sports and ski racing participants feel that mobile sports medicine is one of the most important programs for their continued success as they compete in these unique sports. Today, Mobile Sports Medicine Systems is a consulting firm that supports programming in rodeo and motor racing as well as other highly competitive and unique sports. With 30 plus years of experience in extreme sports, MSMS, Inc. brings an enormous amount of knowledge from a program management prospective to its client base.