How can I be a part of the Motor Sports or Rodeo Sports Medicine Team?

The requirements for volunteer services with the Sports Medicine Team are state licensure and/or national certification as an Athletic Trainer and/or Physical Therapist. The average years of experience of our staff (program managers) is 20 years at the university and professional levels. This experience level assures that the rodeo and motor sport athlete receives the ultimate in sports medicine care while participating in the world's most dangerous sports. 

What type of education must I have to be on the Sports Medicine Team?

Because all volunteers and associates working with the Sports Medicine Team are certified and/or licensed in the allied health profession, a college degree is a minimum requirement. State licensure and/or national certification as an Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist is also a basic requirement. The next step is the experience level in contact sports at the high school, college/university or professional level. If you have already meet these requirements then submit a brief resume / C.V. to the “contact us” address on this web site and we will forward your information to the program manager in your region.

Where do I get the education to become a Sports Medicine Team Member?

There are number of educational institutions offering programs in athletic training and physical therapy. The place to start is your academic counselor at school or an athletic trainer or physical therapist practicing in your area. They can tell you the best educational and experience route to take to obtain a state license or national certification in athletic training and/or physical therapy.

Does the Sports Medicine Team provide internships?

We do not offer internships because of the nature of the professional services we provide and the sport does not allow time conductive to a learning situation. Motor sport and rodeo are fast paced endeavors with the athletes traveling on very tight schedules all across the country. They are seldom in one location long enough for multiple treatment days. The best environment for internships is a clinical setting where the athletes can receive consecutive treatments on successive days. This is virtually impossible in rodeo and motor sport.

Does the Sports Medicine Team offer scholarships?

Mobile Sports Medicine Systems does not offer educational scholarships due to a number of factors. There is no funding at this time for scholarships and the educational environment at rodeo and motor sport events is not conducive to student programs. However, there are scholarships available through education institutions that offer degrees in athletic training and physical therapy. Please contact your counselor at school or civic organizations in your community for more information on educational scholarships.