The mobile sports medicine centers for pro ski racing were unique and convenient to the sport as they were housed in a large tent and transported in trailers operated by the Pro Ski Tour organization. The tent was set up adjacent to the race course finish area with easy access for racers and officials. The sports medicine centers were equipped with electricity, lighting, propane gas heaters, treatment tables, chairs and a carpeted floor. The athletes and tour 'mountain crew' could literally ski into the medical center to have their injuries diagnosed and treated and ski back onto the race course.

The Pro Ski Tour Sorts Medicine Center was staffed by an orthopedic surgeon, two physical therapists and/or athletic trainers who worked closely with the local ski patrol to manage all 'on mountain' injuries and illnesses during a race event. The medical staff had at their disposal: computers for record keeping and generation of rehabilitation programming, a verity of modalities and diagnostic tools used immediately in the sports medicine center. A primary objective of the program was to get the athletes back on the race course as quickly and safely as possible.


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U.S. Pro Ski Tour

With his background in sports medicine and winter sports, in November of 1988 Don Andrews was asked by Ed Rogers, President of the US Pro Ski Tour, to design a traveling medical program for the top professional ski racers competing in North America. As International athletes who had been competing for their 'National Teams' before transitioning to the pro categories; these racers needed the quality of sports medicine coverage that they were used to as they traveled to these major pro tour events. The US Pro Ski Tour is a unique format of head-to-head alpine racing (then you swap courses) which features the technical events of Slalom and Giant Slalom with multiple runs as you advance to the finals of each event.


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